Friday, June 18, 2010

XSitePro Mini-Tutorials 3

Hey those guys at XSitePro really aren't giving me a chance to put my
feet up this week! ;-)

They've just given me permission to release another *FIVE* videos to
you right now, before they release to the general public on Saturday.

In case you've forgotten, this is a neat set of mini-tutorials
demonstrating just how easy XSitePro makes the whole process of
building a website.

Each video provides a fabulous insight into a particular feature of
the software and how it can help you with your website design and your
online business.

This week we're looking at how:

- In just 10 simple steps you can have a great looking, auto-updating
RSS feed on your web page!

http: inserting-rss-feeds-video-tutorial

- To dramatically speed up the insertion of graphics, text boxes,
buttons, headlines, highlighted text and text styles on your web site.

http: design-wizards-video-tutorial

- You can really get to grips with the tokens feature in XSitePro. In
the right hands, it's only limit is your imagination!

http: tokens-video-tutorial

- To take advantage of XSitePro's incredibly powerful built-in
features to achieve stunning visual effects on your Web site's pages.

http: clip-art-library-video-tutorial

- You can design all of your Web pages without having to write a
single line of code, using the a full-blown WYSIWYG editor.

http: designer-video-tutorial

These are fantastic examples of the ways in which XSitePro
takes the hard work out of website building - leaving you free to
create and publish your websites quickly and easily.

I hope that you enjoy these videos as much as you did the last!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Affiliate Rockstar Domination

This is one of the wackiest things I've ever
seen! I'll make this quick because time is of the
essence here...

How would you like to learn the system all the
online "gurus" use to make money on autopilot -
over and over again?

In A Hurry? Click Here:
http: Affiliate Rockstar Domination

If you're looking for a proven system that all
the major online players use, something you can
easily repeat over and over, then this is it...

If you're looking for something that can make you
thousands every month, just by following a simple
STEP-BY-STEP system then this is it...

And even if you're just looking to make a little
extra cash, then head over to this page now and
reserve your copy:

http: Affiliate Rockstar Domination

Oh, I mentioned that time was a factor, didn't I?

Well, that's because...

This HOT-OFF-THE-PRESSES video course is running
as a DIMESALE, for Pete's sake!

Go to this page now and grab your copy:

http: Affiliate Rockstar Domination

Friday, June 11, 2010

Advanced Marketing Strategies

I just stumbled across a really valuable (and way underpriced)
offer from Sid Hale - that you've just got to see for yourself.

If you create products to sell online, or pay to have them
created, or just offer products where you've bought the resale
rights from someone else...

Advanced Marketing Strategies explains how to:

#  Extend the Marketable Life of Every Product You Launch
#  Help you Increase the "Buzz" for Your Product
#  Grow Your "List of Buyers" for Targeting Back End Offers
#  Easily Recruit Affiliates (forever)
#  Get affiliates to advertise long after your initial launch
#  Re-purpose your offers once the profits die down

It's about MARKETING strategies, rather than SELLING strategies.
Isn't it time to recognize that you can only reach a small
percentage of your target market, on your own?

Advanced Marketing Strategies explains a business model that lets
you grow your online business, by extending the life (and
increasing sales) of every product you release.

There's also a special bonus for you, and (by itself), it's
worth more than what you'll pay for Advanced Marketing Strategies.

I don't know how long Sid will keep this at the introductory
price, so -

Rather than ramble... just see for yourself. 

http: AdvancedMarketing

I don't think you've seen this kind of value for this
price in a long, long time.

Do us both a favor, and check this out right now!

http: AdvancedMarketing

Thursday, June 10, 2010

XSitePro Mini-Tutorials 2

Jeeeez! What a week! :o)

After the virtual stampede to see the XSitePro mini-tutorials released
by Intellimon last week, THIS week they shook things up a little...

Guess what...? (oh boy, this is good news for you guys) I have been
given the go-ahead to release the next *FIVE* videos AHEAD of the
official release on Monday!

This is a neat set of mini-tutorials demonstrating just how easy
XSitePro makes the whole process of building a website...

The five new videos I'd like to reveal to you today are:

1. Creating A New Project (5:41)

With the power to create as many websites as you could possibly want
- you can often find that, without realising, you've built up quite a
collection - and they're in a bit of a disorganized mess!

Fortunately, XSitePro comes with a neat project management feature
that lets you quickly and easily organize your assorted websites in a
matter of seconds.

In this short tutorial you'll find out just how easy it is to quickly
organize your websites, and how you can attach valuable project
information, so that you don't lose sight of your objectives some months
down the line.

http: creating-a-new-project-and-website-video-tutorial

2. Inserting Audio (4:02)

Including audio in your Web site can add an extra dimension that can
help promote your sales message.

If you’ve always wanted to have audio on your site or have struggled
to do it using a collection of bought-in tools, then the Audio Wizard
is going to really help you!

Inserting audio using XSitePro is so simple that even a complete
novice can have audio on their Web site (without any of the technical

http: inserting-audio-video-tutorial

3. Custom Scripts (4:22)

XSitePro provides a great deal of flexibility regarding inserting
scripts into Web pages and it saves you the often laborious task of
having to insert exactly the same script manually on every page in
your site.

Just a couple of mouse clicks and you're done, and you can update the
script whenever you like just as quickly.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to add custom scripts to your
website using XSitePro:

http: custom-scripts-video-tutorial

4. Navigation Menus (5:53)

As you’ll know yourself, it can be incredibly frustrating trying to
find your way around a website, when the navigation menus are of poor
quality or design.

It’s such a vital aspect of web design, that you really should be
putting a lot of thought into navigation – as it can literally be the
reason your customer stays or leaves!

XSitePro takes this to the next level. You can now include professional
quality graphical menus that add an extra level of pizazz to a site.

http: navigation-menus-video-tutorial

5. Page Analysis (5:20)

In the excitement of creating a new Web site it is very easy to
overlook the important subject of search engine optimization.

Thanks to the functionality that is built into XSitePro, you now have
no excuse to publish pages that are lacking keyword focus or have meta
data missing.

You’ll quickly learn what you need to do to create naturally optimized
pages that will rank well with search engines and that will also be
readable and accessible to visitors.

http: page-analysis-video-tutorial

These are fantastic examples of the ways in which XSitePro
takes the hard work out of website building - leaving you free to
create and publish your websites quickly and easily.

I hope that you enjoy these videos as much as you did the last!

Resume Of Tutorial Videos:
1. Creating A New Project (5:41) Learn Now
2. Inserting Audio (4:02) Learn Now
3. Custom Scripts (4:22) Learn Now
4. Navigation Menus (5:53) Learn Now
5. Page Analysis (5:20) Learn Now

XSitePro Mini-Tutorials 1

Did you hear about the videos released last week, showcasing
some of the features of the XSitePro website design software?

If you did then you'll probably know they were a neat set of
mini-tutorials demonstrating just how easy XSitePro makes the
whole process of building a website...

Well (and you heard it here first, folks!)... I can announce
Intellimon are going to be releasing another *FIVE* videos this

These videos are perfect for anyone who is curious about how
XSitePro makes building websites *so* easy (and why so many top
marketers recommend it as the site-builder of choice)... and the
video series itself promises to build into a valuable resource
over the coming weeks.

The five new videos I'd like to reveal to you today are:

1. Build mailing lists with XSitePro's Forms Wizard (5'25")

Ever hear the saying "The money is in the list"?

As anyone who's been marketing online for any period of time
will tell you, building a mailing list is an absolutely
essential (and potentially very profitable) part of any Internet
marketing business.

Yes... *any* business - including yours!

It's one thing to 'know' it's important, but of course it's
entirely another to be able to actually add a quality name-grab
form to your web pages... one that feeds into one of the leading
mailing-list management solutions on the market...

Fortunately that's where XSitePro steps in for you. Watch this
video to find out how easy XSitePro makes your list-building:


2. Create pages fast, with our Multi-page Wizard (4'54")

Search Engines love sites with plenty of quality, relevant
content. But many of us simply don't like the idea of spending
hours building page after page of content.

What if there were a way to quickly add dozens of pages to our
site, with minimal effort, all of which were optimized for the
search engines; keyword rich and ready to publish?

Using the in-built Multi-page Creation Wizard, XSitePro makes
this possible. Create any number of pages, complete with
customized content and meta-data, in a matter of minutes.

http: multi-page-creation-video-tutorial

3. Page Layout Designer - for full design flexibility (5'47")

One of the beauties of working with XSitePro is that you can
pick one of the professional templates right out of the box and
simply add content... awesome for creating great-looking
sites fast.

For those who want it, however, XSitePro also features a Page
Layout designer, giving complete control over the look and feel
of your site.

So, if at some future point you want to tweak the color scheme
for your site, swap the graphics about, or even change the whole
look and feel of your site completely you can - and in record

http: page-layout-video-tutorial

4. Push-button publishing (4'21")

No more muddling about with multiple pieces of software -
XSitePro really does the whole lot for you.

Keeping your FTP details safely stored along with the web pages,
images and other content, never again will you have to hunt
around so you can publish your site.

What's more, having FTP functionality built in, XSitePro makes
publishing your site as easy as clicking a single button.

Updating your site has never been easier.

http: publishing-video-tutorial

5. Automatic breadcrumb navigation trails (2'58")

Have you ever noticed how easy the professional sites on the web
make it for you to find your way around?

It's no accident - the big site operators know that having
intuitive navigation not only helps visitors find their way...
it also helps keep them on their site.

With XSitePro's easy-to-use 'breadcrumb trail' feature you can
quickly add breadcrumb trail navigation links to your pages
automatically, no matter how many pages you add.

Watch the short video below to see just how easy it is, with

http: breadcrumb-trails-video-tutorial

These are some pretty exciting topics for you to check out, and
more examples of the ways in which XSitePro takes the
"technical" stuff out of website building - leaving you free to
get sites online quickly and easily.

I hope you enjoy these latest videos.

Resume Of Tutorial Videos:

1. Build mailing lists with XSitePro's Forms Wizard (5'25") Learn Now
2. Create pages fast, with our Multi-page Wizard (4'54") Learn Now
3. Page Layout Designer - for full design flexibility (5'47") Learn Now
4. Push-button publishing (4'21") Learn Now
5. Automatic breadcrumb navigation trails (2'58") Learn Now

1. Google Adsense
2. Affiliates Wizard
3. Amazon Product Advertising
4. Inserting Video
5. Quick Pages
6. Inserting Page Breaks